Cristina Costantini

In September 2015 I joined Oxford Brookes University as a Teaching Fellow in Psychology. In July 2015 I was awarded a PhD degree in Psychology from the University of Portsmouth. My research project focussed on the introduction of complementary foods to infants. The main aim of my research was to investigate infant feeding practices in two different cultures, British and Italian, through interviews, observations of the mealtimes and questionnaires.

In 2008 I graduated summa cum laude in Clinical Psychology from La Sapienza, University of Rome. I specialised in the assessment and intervention of the psychopathology of children and adolescents. In Rome, I was trained in Clinical Psychology at the Department of Child Neuropsychiatry, where I worked with children with ASD, ADHD, Down syndrome, language and learning disabilities, and pervasive developmental disorder.

Membership of Professional Bodies

British Psychological Society

Italian Psychological Society



U24101 Foundations of Cognitive Psychology

U24102 Foundations of Social Psychology

U24104 Foundations of Developmental Psychology

U24111 An Introduction to Psychological Research

U24133 Cross-cultural Perspectives in Psychology

U24137 Advanced Statistics and Experimental Method for Psychology

U24170 Abnormal Psychology

U24172 Understanding Developmental Disorders

U24182 Topics in Developmental Psychology


P24109 Personality and Psychological Disorders

P24110 Research Design Skills

P24111 Experimental Method and Statistics for Psychology

P24118 Research Based Dissertation

Research interests

My research interests concern: Caregiver-child relationships, Caregiver-child synchrony, Infant feeding, Child Psychopathology, Language and learning development, Emotions.

Grants &Awards

2012 “Post graduate research student conference bursary”, University of Portsmouth, UK

2012 “Small Grants”, Experimental Psychology Society, UK

2012 “Best research report”, World Nutrition, Rio, Brazil

2011 “PhD studentship”, University of Portsmouth, UK

2009 “Borse di perfezionamento all’estero”- research experience overseas, La Sapienza, Italy

Selected talks & presentations

Costantini, C. (2014). Synchrony, co-eating and communication during solid feeding. Oral presentation, Department of Psychology, University of Portsmouth, UK.

Costantini, C. (2013). Infant weaning: choices and effects on the experience of feeding. Oral presentation, XVI European Conference on Developmental Psychology, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Costantini, C. (2012). Mother-infant interaction and maternal strategies during infant feeding in two different communities, British and Italian. Poster presentation, 30th International Congress of Psychology, Cape Town, South Africa.

Costantini, C. (2012). Should different infant feeding practices be permitted? Oral presentation, Congress World Nutrition Rio 2012, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Costantini, C. (2012). Age of weaning: Choices and effects on the experiences of feeding. Poster presentation, Graduate School, University of Portsmouth, UK.

Costantini, C. (2011). Infant feeding variability in the UK and Italy. Oral presentation, School of Psychology, University of Birmingham, UK.


Reddy, V., Williams, E., Costantini, C., Lang, B. (2010). Engaging with the self: mirror behaviour in Autism, Down Syndrome and Typical Development. Autism, 14, 531-546.


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