Dr Lisa Hinkley BSc PhD CPsychol AFBPsS


Lisa is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology and the Subject Co-ordinator for the Undergraduate Psychology programmes (PS, PX and SQC). She teaches on a range of psychology undergraduates modules, in particular in statistics and cognitive psychology.

Research Interests

Lisa's research interests include: prospective memory in a normal adult population, including the role of monitoring in PM & working memory.

Selected Publications


Lisa Hinkley, George du Boulay, Catriona Good, Benedict du Boulay, Briony Teather, Derek Teather, Mike Sharples, Nathan Jeffery. Computer-based neuroradiology training using a 'small worlds' approach to differential diagnosis. University of Sussex Cognitive Science Research Paper. CSRP 540, October 2001.

L.J. Cuthbert, B. du Boulay, D. Teather, B. Teather, M. Sharples, G. du Boulay. Expert/Novice differences in diagnostic medical cognition - A Review of the Literature. University of Sussex Cognitive Science Research Paper. CSRP 508, February 1999..

Book Chapters

Bowman S., Hinkley L., Barnes J.,Lindsay R (2004) Gaze aversion and the primacy of emotional dysfunction in autism. In Cognition and Technology - Co-existence, convergence and co- evolution Edited by Barbara Gorayska and Jacob L. Mey .

R. Ranyard, J. Williamson & L. Cuthbert (1998). The development of conversation-based process tracing methods for the study of naturalistic decision making. In B. Green (Ed.). Risk Behaviour & Risk Management in Business Life. Kluwer (Dordrect).

Journal Articles

Walker & Hinkley (2003) Visual memory for shape-colour conjunctions utilizes structural descriptions of letter shape, Visual Cognition, 2003, 10 (8), 987-1000.

DuBoulay, Teather, Teather, DuBoulay, Sharples, Jeffery, Hinkley & Whitcombe (2003). Computer discrimination between diseases of the brain based on MR image features. Rivista di Neuroradiologia, 16, 957-960.

R. Ranyard, L. Hinkley & J. Williamson (2001) risk management in consumers' credit decision making: a process tracing study of repayment insurance choices. Zeitschrift fuer sozialpsychologie (German Journal of Social Psychology - special issue on Economic Psychology), 32 (3), 152-161.

J. Williamson, R. Ranyard & L.J. Cuthbert (2000). Risk Management in Naturalistic Insurance Decisions: Evidence from a Process Tracing Study. Decision, Risk & Policy, Vol5, p19-38..

J. Williamson, R. Ranyard & L. J. Cuthbert (2000). A Conversation based process tracing method for use with naturalistic decisions: An evaluation study. British Journal of Psychology, Vol 91, (2), 203-222..

P. Walker & L. J. Cuthbert (1998). Remembering visual feature conjunctions: Visual memory for shape-colour associations is object based. Visual Cognition, 5(4), 409-455..

Conference Proceedings

Du Boulay, B, L. Cuthbert, F.D.A. Garcia, G. du Boulay, N. Jeffery, M. Sharples, D. Teather, B. Teather & E. Whitcombe. Training in image description and diagnosis for MR radiology of the brain. In E. Claridge, J. Bamber, & K. Marlow, editors. Proceedings of the conference on Medical Image Understanding and Analysis, University of Birmingham, pages 85-88. 2001. .

du Boulay, B, Corrales, R., Cuthbert, L., De Andres Garcia, F, Du Boulay, G., Jeffery, N., Sharples, M, Teather, B., Teather, D. (1999). Current developments in the MR tutor. In AI-ED'99, The 9th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education, Proceedings of Workshop 5, p2-9..

L. J. Cuthbert., R. Ranyard & J. Williamson (1999). A process tracing study of consumers' credit risk management: Preliminary results. In the Proceedings of the 15th Annual Colloquium of the International Association for Research into Economic Psychology, Volume 1, 346-356. Department of Economics, University of Torino. .

du Boulay, B., Teather, B, du. Boulay G., Jeffrey, N., Teather, D., Sharples, M., Cuthbert, L. (1999) From description to decision: Towards a decision Support Training System for MR Radiology of the Brain. In Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 1620, p93-102. W, Horn, Y. Shahar, G. Lindberg, S. Andreassen & J. Wyatt (eds.) Springer .

R. Ranyard, J. Williamson & L. J. Cuthbert (1997a). A preliminary evaluation of two process tracing methods for the study of naturalistic decision making. In the Proceedings of the Stockholm Risk Seminar, University of Stockholm.


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