Laura Jenkins

BSc (Hons) MRes

Psychology Demonstrator

Academic Background

Laura completed her BSc (Hons) Psychology Degree, in 2011, at Northumbria University in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Since then, she has continued to complete an MRes Psychology Degree (with commendation) in 2012 and progressed onto a PhD at Northumbria University within the Psychology Department. Laura is expected to complete her PhD in 2016.

Research Interests

Laura’s research interests lie within the areas of Cognitive and Developmental Psychology, in particular in the area of visual working memory. In her research, Laura has used visual change detection protocols and has implemented these with adults using EEG/ERP methods to look at the use of verbal semantics in visual memory tasks. She has also researched the links between visual working memory capacity and intelligence in young children.

Laura is currently in the process of writing up her research for publication whilst teaching at Oxford Brookes.

Recent Conference Publications

Jenkins, L., Hamilton, J., Papazain, A., Orme, L., and Hamilton, C. (2016). ERP correlates of visual short term memory quantitative and qualitative change detection performance. International Conference on Memory, Budapest, 17th-22nd July (poster presentation).

Jenkins, L., and Hamilton, C. (2016). Do quantitative and qualitative measures of visual working memory capacity predict intelligence in 7-11-year-old children? International Conference on Memory, Budapest, 17th-22nd July (poster presentation).

Jenkins, L. (2015). The involvement of visual and verbal representations in a quantitative and a qualitative visual change detection task. Parcevall Hall Working Memory Discussion, North Yorkshire, 22nd-24th June. (oral presentation).


Laura currently assists with the Introduction to Psychological Research Methods module and also with the Advanced Statistic and Experimental Method for Psychology module.