Sarah Camp

Academic Background

Sarah completed her BSc degree in Psychology with Clinical Psychology in 2011 with Honours (2:1). Sarah then completed an MSc degree (Merit) from the University of Bristol in 2012. In September 2012 she started a PhD funded by an Oxford Brookes University Health and Life Sciences studentship.

PhD Research

Supervisor team: Dr Michael Pilling, Dr Luci Wiggs (Co-Director of Studies) and Dr Giles Anderson (Secondary supervisor)

Sarah’s research study broadly lies in the field of visual attention and perception. Thus, she is interested in how patterns of light received by the retina ultimately lead to representations that form our conscious visual experiences.

Sarah’s research predominantly investigates masking effects and more specifically, a very powerful form of backwards masking called object substitution masking. The research is looking in detail in to understanding the role, if any, that attention plays in object substitution masking and the implications that different types of attention have for the phenomenon and for conscious experience.


Sarah currently assists on the Research Methods and Statistics for Psychology module.

Selected Publications

Wilkinson, D., Sakel, M., Camp, SJ., Hammond, L. (2012). Patients with hemispatial neglect are more prone to limb spasticity, but this does not prolong their hospital stay. Archives of Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine, 93, 1191-1195.

Sarah Camp


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